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Av. Manuel Cabanas, n. 2B, Urbanização Neudel
2720-702 Amadora

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 Condominium Management

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Gestão de Condomínios

Neudel Place

RDC-CONDO is part of a multinational company called RDC, Lda., Which started Finance / Business services in Portugal as per the year 2016. Recently, this company started the services of Condominium Management, subcontracting several services as construction & maintenance, insurance and legal services, as well as cleaning services.


For your convenience, our facilities are easily reachable by car or public transports, in the Neudel Urbanization in Amadora, Av. Manuel Cabanas 2B.


For your facility, we document all information and create budgets of the condominiums, within an appropriate software.

Our goal is to achieve excellence, clarity and readiness in order to always reach the expectations of our clients. We are certified by our bank Millenium BCP an by DGERT in the service of Condominium Management.

Company Certified with Excellent in Condominium Management


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Av. Manuel Cabanas, n. 2B, Urbanização Neudel
2720-702 Amadora

+351 914 413 694

Our Services

The RDC supports the Condominium Administrator in order to facilitate all management, with the administrative tasks (minutes, budgets, ...) and providing subcontracted services.

Administrative Services

Collection and archiving of all documentation relating the building

  1. Convening notices elaboration

  2. Execution of decisions taken at owner’s general meeting

  3. Elaboration of the condominium rules and regulations, in case it does not exist

  4. Minutes drafting

  5. Draft elaboration for powers delegation for representation in the owner’s general meeting

  6. Presence at the annual ordinary owner’s general meeting

  7. Verification of insurance existence required by law

  8. Condominium representation before administrative and judicial authorities

* Excludes assemblies without quorum